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The basic steps of mortgage approval

 The steps to obtain approval are as follows:
  • Use our site to establish is you are likely to get mortgage approval
  • If the answer is yes make a decision whether to buy or not and compare the costs and freedom of rental with the benefits of home ownership and a mortgage
  • Check if there are properties in an area you like that you can afford
  • Contact an impartial mortgage broker or a bank directly - better to use a mortgage broker
  • Establish exactly what information you need for approval and off you go

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Approval is needed before you can make an offer on a house

Before a seller or his agent will accept an offer you will need approval in principle.

Approval in principle is not an loan offer;  it is a letter from a lender indicating that ,based on the information presented to them, they would consider offering facilities up to a certain level
This letter will only be provided by a lender when they have fully assessed your file..

If a lender offers this letter without you having provided a full file of information to them, it is likely to be of little value . Some lenders will provide you with this " soft " approval in principle in order to get your business.

Your mortgage broker will provide you with precise details of the information you need for approval...

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Documentation required

The link below outlines our terms of business and various documents required to gain approval.
The sooner you assemble the documents on the checklist and get your employers to complete the salary certs,the sooner we can meet you and get you approved!  
. Information requirements for mortgage approval 

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Why get approval now!

We strongly recommend having loan approval in place so that you are ready to move when opportunities arise

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Independent Advice saves you money    

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