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How do I apply?

To apply for our Home Insurance Scheme please complete the following brief Home insurance application form.

Home insurance application form

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Why use the Group Scheme?

The Professional Insurance Brokers Association ( PIBA)  have negotiated a special  home insurance scheme with Aviva,one of the world's strongest insurance companies.
Having your home insurance arranged by us  provides you with the confidence that you are in safe hands if the unexpected happens.

The scheme have an excellent range of benefits and both  (unlike some other insurance companies) have a reputation for operating to the highest standards in dealing with claims.

As part of our services our consultants will also offer you a full Independent Finanical review at no cost so that you can assess  your current financial position,identify opportunities and set in place plans for the future.

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What is the standard cover provided under the scheme

Home Insurance Standard cover

Our home insurance includes all buildings and contents covered as standard

Please refer to your policy and schedule for details of your cover, as specific terms, conditions and product benefits may apply to your policy. 

Buildings cover

This covers both buildings and other permanent fixtures, such as: 

·                          Outbuildings

·                          Fixtures and fittings

·                          Interior decorations

·                          Fences and walls

How much buildings cover should I choose?

The amount of cover you choose, or the sum insured, is very important and often misunderstood.

You should base this on the rebuilding cost of your home, not the market value.

Visit the the Society of Chartered Surveyors website to get their home rebuilding costs guide.

Our buildings cover is index-linked, which means that we will increase your cover in line with increases in rebuilding costs, unless you tell us not to.

Find out more about rebuilding costs.

Contents cover

·                          Covers household goods and any personal belongings, including cash up to €400, that are kept in your home

·                          Covers contents belonging to you and any member of your household

Contents cover is offered on a 'new for old' basis, which means that in most cases we will replace stolen or damaged items with new items.

How much contents cover should I choose?

You have a choice of two options:

Contents cover as a percentage of buildings cover

·                          Choose from 20%, 30%, 40% or 50% of your buildings cover

For example, if your buildings are insured for €200,000 and you choose the 30% option, you'll get €60,000 contents cover.

Individual contents cover

·                          This represents the total value of all your contents, as a separate sum insured

·                          You must insure for a minimum €23,000

Read more about these costs in our property guide.

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What benefits are provided at no extra cost


A full range of benefits at no extra cost, to keep you protected when you need it most

Please refer to your policy and schedule for details of your cover, as specific terms, conditions and product benefits may apply to your policy.

Christmas and weddings

We'll automatically increase your contents cover for free over Christmas or when there's a wedding in your immediate family.

Your sum insured goes up by 10% for the month of December, and for 30 days before and after the wedding of any immediate family member. Just let us know when there's a wedding coming up.

Credit and debit cards

If your credit or debit cards are lost or stolen and you have to pay a bill as a result, we'll refund you up to €650.

Visitors' belongings

We'll pay up to €400 for loss or damage to your guests' personal belongings.

Title deeds

We'll pay up to €1,000 to replace title deeds lost or damaged in your home or when lodged with a bank or solicitor.

Fire brigade charges

If the fire brigade charges for a call out to a fire, we'll pay up to €1,500.

Frozen food

We'll pay up to €650 to cover the cost of replacing food damaged in your domestic freezer, if caused, for example, by a leakage of refrigerant.

Jury service benefit

We'll pay a benefit of €40 per day or part day that you or your partner are called to jury service, up to a total of €650, with no loss of your no claims bonus.

Death benefit

If either you or your partner dies from an injury received in your home caused by a fire, violence related to a theft or an accident, we'll pay a death benefit of €3,300.

If your cat or dog is killed by an insured fire or break-in, we'll pay up to €260 for the loss of your pet. We'll also pay your pets' kennel or cattery fees if your home is damaged and you're forced to find temporary accommodation.

Providing alternative accommodation

If fire, damage or another insured event means you cannot live in your home, we'll pay for the cost of other accommodation for you and your family until you can safely return, up to 15% of the buildings and contents sums insured on your policy.

Replacing door locks

If the keys to your home are stolen in a personal assault or break-in, we'll pay up to €400 to cover the cost of replacing:

·                          Outside door locks

·                          Locks on domestic safes

·                          Alarm keys

Reinstating your buildings or contents cover

If you make any claim under your policy, we'll automatically continue to insure you for the same amount we provided cover for before the claim.


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What extra discounts are available


You could be eligible for a discount on your home insurance premium

Please refer to your policy and schedule for details of your cover, as specific terms, conditions and product benefits may apply to your policy.

Discounts available

·                          15% off if you have an approved house alarm that's monitored 24 hours a day

·                          10% off if you have an approved alarm that is not monitored

·                          5% off if you have another policy with Aviva in Ireland

·                          2.5% off if you pay an increased policy excess of €200

No claims discounts

We also offer no claims discounts on a rising scale.

Some claims, such as jury service claims, will not affect your discount.

No claims discounts

Years claims free 


 1 year


 2 years


 3 years


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What optional cover is available

Optional cover


Accidental damage cover

This covers you for accidental damage to both your buildings and contents in your home.

Extra cover for items

This covers certain items while you're away from home, including:

·                          Jewellery

·                          Watches

·                          Cameras & binoculars

·                          Bicycles & sports equipment

You can choose to add extra cover for unspecified items for:

·                          €5,000 (with a single article limit of €1,500)

·                          €7,500 (with a single article limit of €2,500)

·                          €15,000 (with a single article limit of €3,500)

Or, you can cover individual items, each for a specific amount you have asked for.

Help in a home emergency

Our free homecall helpline is available as standard, but help in a home emergency goes further:

·                          Cover for storm or accidental damage to roof, windows and doors

·                          Cover for the cost of callout, labour and materials for emergency repair (up to €130 per incident or €260 for broken window glass)

·                          Access to a 24-hour comprehensive emergency service

·                          Available for just €25 on top of your home insurance premium

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